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Other Historical Places
Alamance N. Carolina- 1st battle of the Revolution?


The Goliad Massacre-The war for Texas Independence
The Alamo
Fort New Salem, near Clarksburg WV.
John Wayne's birhplace
Alamance N. Carolina- 1st battle of the Revolution?
Old Fort Osage
Mississinewa Indiana. 1812 battlefield
Old Fort Fredrick
Valley Forge

Fought on May 16,1771 between the local militia called Regulators and the Royal Govenors troops over taxation,many regard this as the first battle of the Revolutionary war.

Fire and be damned !! shouted a regulator upon hearing Governor Tryon give the order to fire on the Regulators.

This is the monument centered on the battlefield

On the monument

Map on the field


The lines of flags indicate the lines of combatants. This is from the Regulators line of battle.