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Pictures of other Civil War sites not related to the Ninth Ky Cavalry
Appomatox Court House


Camp Ford, A Confederate Prison camp
Wilson's Creek, Mo.
Frank And Jesse James
The Battle Of Lexington Missouri
Mine Creek Battlefield,Kansas
The Confederate Memorial at Higginsville Missouri
Appomatox Court House

This is a place everyone with an intrest in the American Civil War should definitly see

A sunrise; Actual size=240 pixels wide

This is the actual Court House as viewed from the McClean house porch.


This is the McClean housse where the actual surrender took place. Ironically, Elmer McClean moved here seeking to escape the war after the Battle of Bull Run was fought on his property. He later stated"the war began in my front yard and ended in my parlor".


The sleepy little hamlet from a distance.


Down this road the proud Confederate army marched to stack its arms for the last time...