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The Ninth Kentucky Cavalry C.S.A. "Morgans Men"
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Pictures from various museums
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My job entails MUCH traveling and on weekends I am free to visit various museums and historical sites. As I do I will post pictures of things that may intrest cavalry re-enactors and help them with their impressions.


Here is a unique canteen from the Carthage Mo. Civil War  Museum. It is home made from 2 plates.


This is a cartridge box made of canvas from The Gen. Sweeny Museum near the Wilson's Creek Battlefield.


Here is a trans Mississippi trooper.


This was one of Quantrill's raiders in the bloody Missouri theater


I found this picture in New Orleans at the Cabildo/Arsenal Museum on Jackson Square.
Not how he wears his TWO revolvers, both to be drawn by the right hand. The one on his right hip butt to the rear while the one on his left cross draw style as he is demonstrating.
Usually in a posed sitting the photographer has the subject thrust his revolvers in his waist belt, leading to the possibility they are props.This trooper has two holsters wore in a functional manner.

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Here are some Confederate saddle bags at the Cabildo/Arsenal Museum in New Orleans. They are made of painted canvas. The stress areas are still leather. The part between the two bags that go over the back of the saddle, the latch straps and the carry handles(?).on each side.They are larger than McClellan bags.


Detail of our two gunned trooper.


Here is our troopers boots. What is hard to make out in this copyof the picture is that they ARE NOT of the single front design but more resemble the boot you more commanly see at re enactments.In the original it is very apparent.


Here are a pair of officer saddles at the Gen. Sweeny Museum at Wilson's Creek Battlefield


Here is a Confedrate officers saddle I found in New Orleans at the Arsenal Museum.


Now this young trooper differs from the one above in several regards. Note his militia jacket with trim on the cuffs. He has a saber possibly an 1842 issue(?) and a DOUBLE BARRELL SHOTGUN carried on a carbine sling. The sling is a non federal pattern.

On to more museums ! Its rough duty but someone has to do it!