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Confederate Equipment | Union saddles and tack
Saddles and Tack
Confederate Equipment

Many choices here, besides captured Union equipment.

Saddle Choices


This is the Atlanta Arsenal Texas saddle. It was issued in fairly large numbers to Western Theater Confederates.


The Jennifer Saddle. Somewhat unpopular because it tended to sore horse's backs'


Enameled Cloth Saddle: D. J Howard Wert collection. Wonderful CS saddle reputed to be a post Gettysburg pick-up found along Seminary Ridge. Completely covered in several layers of enameled cloth with iron "driven-in" loops, tin mountings, iron triangular stirrup strap hanger, iron ring for saddle. I am aware of only three of these left in existence. Two in private collections the third at the Cavalry Museum at Ft. Riley, KS. For more information and photos of this pattern saddle see the book "Confederate Saddles and Horse Equipment" By Ken R. Knopp (see home page).

Confederate manufactured Halters and Halter/Bridle Combo's


Ken Knopp has an excellent article on Confederate Halters and Halter/Bridle combo's,far in excess of than anything I could come up with. This link will take you there.

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Misc. Equipment


These are some painted cloth saddle bags I found in a Museum on Jackson Square in New Orleans.

Consider having some of your tack made of painted canvas. As the Confederacy became short of leather,it was often subsituted.