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Cookes Tactics and Drill
Platoon Drill,To form Columns and Lines


Company Drill, Forming Lines to the front
Bugle Calls
Platoon Drill,To form Columns and Lines

This is how we get in and out of columns


Here is the Platoon in line. At the command "By Fours- March" the first set proceeds forward, the second set obliques to the right until they are in line behind the first set.


If we are in a column of two's or Four's and we want to form a line facing to the left, the command will be

218.A column marching by file, or by twos, right in front, to form line faced to the left, the instructor commands:

1. Left into line.





At the command "MARCH"  each file or set of two makes a left wheel into line.

A column of fours takes a slightly differnt command,but it executed exactly the same way, each set of four executes a left wheel into line.

220.A column of fours right in front, marching or halted, to form line, faced to the left, on its left dank, the instructor commands:


1. Left into line wheel.


3. RightDRESS.



At the command, MARCH, each set of fours executes its wheel to the left, according to the principles of the wheel, on a fixed pivot, No. 283; Nos. 4, &.c., turn upon the fore-feet of their horses ; the other troopers, preserving their intervals from the pivot flank, regulate their alignment by the marching flank. At the command right DRESS, the troopers halt, straighten their horses, and align themselves until the command FRONT.


Here the platoon is in a column of fours at the walk and we need to get into a column of twos. At the command "By Two's -Trot- March", the 1's and 2's picks up the trot, the 3's and 4's obliques in behind them. This is repeated down the column.


If this confuses you still, try using pennies or match sticks and  moving them around